Advice for music volunteers

Music volunteers can offer a valuable role in supporting music provision in care settings. To ensure you are offering music in a helpful way, talk with the care home setting manager about how what you provide could fit with their wider music provision.

How can what you offer fit with the music therapy programme, or the weekly performances by the local school choir? If you are an individual volunteer, are there local services you can link up with? Have conversations with care staff and the music practitioners about how you can work with them to support residents and staff.

There is a bank of resources available to help you bring music into the lives of people living with dementia. We hope these online toolkits will inspire and support you to bring music into the lives of the people you care for. It can be achieved on any budget, and the benefits can be remarkable for everyone involved.

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Headphone Hygiene
If using headphones, we would encourage everyone to have their own set. We would recommend the use of over-ear, padded, wipeable headphones as they can be easily cleaned with an antiseptic wipe before and after a session. There are lots of headphones vailable and we would advise people to try a few pairs to get the best comfort, lightness and fit.