Paul Hardcastle

Paul Hardcastle is twice Grammy Nominated and Ivor Novello Winning musician with a passion for uniting music and dementia.

Having worked in the music industry both as a musician and a producer, Paul has turned his attention and talents towards uniting the worlds of music and dementia care. Having seen the power of music for himself, Paul is dedicated to helping those living with dementia, their families, loved ones and carers, access the transformative power of music.

Working with The Utley Foundation, Paul is acting as patron for their Music and Dementia project which aims to bring music to every person living with dementia by 2020. Through this role Paul is able to reach out to a wide variety of audiences and talk to them about his own experiences, witnessing the power of music, and the wider work of The Utley Foundation.

Paul’s Playlist

Woodstock – Mathew southern comfort

A horse with no name – America

Life on Mars – David Bowie.

Money – Pink Floyd

What’s going on – Marvin Gaye

19 by yours truly …. brings back mega memories of a life changing time for me.