Music supports mental health

  • Music can alleviate anxiety, agitation and depression, offering a creative medium to work through and process feelings
  • Music supports positive changes in mood and emotional wellbeing
  • Music is a non-pharmacological approach to helping manage and contain symptoms of dementia. Pharmacological interventions are not appropriate for everyone in all instances. Music-based interventions can provide a safe alternative in some instances
  • Music helps to reduce social isolation through its inherently social qualities
  • Music can enliven, stimulate and energise, reducing apathy and encouraging interest and attention in activities happening around them, bringing the person out of themselves
  • Music positively supports confidence and self-esteem
  • Active musical participation can help to maintain skills, providing a sense of achievement
  • Music offers emotionally meaningful experiences
  • Music provides a way to accept the impact of dementia as part of the individual

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