Training for care workers by music therapists

Music as Therapy International provide introductory training to staff caring for people living with dementia, through projects delivered in the care setting by music therapists.  The charity’s music therapists share skills and resources with participating care practitioners, so they have the confidence, experience, resources and expertise to use music themselves long after they have completed the training.  This might be through ongoing group music sessions or by using music to enhance opportunities for interaction with individuals. 

The charity’s recent research into the sustainability of its own music projects has affirmed just how important investing in your staff’s skills can be.  Its UK Sustainability Review Report, conducted two years on from a series of 2016-17 pilot projects, evidenced the lasting impact for music session participants which continued after a group of care settings received introductory training from the them.  It additionally evidenced the significant benefits to the personal and professional development of the practitioners who took part.

“I now feel prepared and confident to take over the sessions as I know it is of benefit, and the skills learnt will benefit other areas of my work as the project has shown a different approach to communicate and interact with people.” –care practitioner and UK partner

Group session – Photograph © Music as Therapy International

Highlights include:

  • 100% of practitioners and managers surveyed agreeing a ‘significant impact’ had been made on their practice.
  • Managers and practitioners both reported increased confidence in practitioners who took part in training – as well as an increase in their responsibility in the workplace.
  • The therapeutic value of music was also felt beyond the immediacy of music training and sessions: with 77% of practitioners reporting that they were incorporating techniques learnt during sessions into their wider care practice, with music therapists reporting local ownership and development of techniques.
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