Intergenerational Music Making

May 12, 2021

IMM is working to advance wellbeing and social cohesion through musical creativity. Our mission is to bring people together across generations through music, reducing loneliness and isolation and improving the mental health and wellbeing, particularly for those living with dementia.

Through this fund, IMM will be working on two projects. The first project supported by this fund will be implementing an IMM Music Therapist Dementia role at Frimley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for the duration of a year. This role will help transform Dementia Care at Frimley Hospital, contributing to their larger aims of becoming a centre of excellence in dementia care. With support from this fund we will be able to showcase music as having a fundamental role to play in healthcare transformation particularly for those on hospitals wards.

The second project supported by this fund will be a dementia focused song writing project in Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland inclusive of song writing workshops, training days, a celebratory event followed by the production of an album. The aim of this project is to celebrate people living/caring for those with dementia and their stories, to provide agency to the complex feelings and experiences surrounding dementia and the impact Covid-19 has had on them. The artistic starting point for this project shall be themed around hope, friendship, prosperity all bound together through personal story telling and song writing. This project will give their stories a legacy, one that can be passed down for generations.

The workshops will create 5 original songs that will contribute to a larger UK wide celebratory album. This album will be co-produced and will amplify the voices of those living/caring with dementia across all nations (NI, Scotland, Wales and England) whilst raising awareness and championing the vision and value of music in dementia care.