Sarah Metcalfe

July 8, 2021

I first saw the power of music in my teens, when my granddad developed dementia.  He had been a Church of Scotland minister and even when he forgot how to speak, he could somehow find words again to old hymns and Scottish folk tunes. The last time I saw him we sang together, looking out of the window.

It’s why years later I took a job as CEO with a music and dementia charity, and it was there I first encountered the Music for Dementia campaign. The Utley Foundation backed our small charity and helped us go from strength to strength. I was invited to join its Music for Dementia Commission and then the Musical Care Taskforce.

I have loved being part of the amazing movement of people and organisations that work tirelessly and creatively to bring the power of music to all those living dementia. It is wonderful to be involved again as MD of the Utley Foundation.

My playlist is below:

It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls

My brother, sister and I would record the charts on a Sunday then listen during the week, performing this and other classics, dancing on our beds.


Friday I’m In Love – The Cure

Reminds me of good friends and adventures studying in Sicily.


Umbrella – Rhianna

A song for my husband. It played all the time when we were working in the Caribbean and the words mean a lot.


The Brandenberg Concertos – JS Bach

I love how organised Bach is. I put these on my headphones when I am working in a busy office and they help me concentrate.


Boys of Summer

I like the way the guitar sounds like seagulls.


Evil – Nadine Shah

Reminds me of my children, growling the words and looking cool.