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Music for Dementia – Our Story

The Music for Dementia campaign was set up in direct response to the ILC-UK Commission report exploring the existing provision of music for people with dementia. What would life be – without a song and dance, what are we?

Findings from the report showed that despite a wide range of evidence of benefits and devoted advocates and practitioners, the ecosystem of music and dementia was limited by poor co-ordination with sporadic provision delivered only to the few.

One of the key recommendations was the need for a national campaign to highlight the value of music for people living with dementia, with an independent, non-political, high profile Ambassador to speak for all those working in music and dementia.

Consequently, the campaign was established in 2018 by the The Utley Foundation. Radio DJ Lauren Lavern was appointed as our Ambassador in 2019, championing and speaking out on the importance of music being an integral part of dementia care.

Today, we work with more than 200 charities and organisations in the music and dementia sector, as well as health and social care, the music industry and government departments.

Our Beliefs

We have six firmly-held beliefs including: the right music, at the right time, delivered in the right way; a musical menu of choice

We believe in the value and importance of music as part of dementia care in enhancing quality of life

We believe that music should be personalised and designed for people living with dementia, as well as free at the point of use wherever possible

We believe in providing a musical menu of choice

We believe that people living with dementia deserve dignity in their care

We believe in the right music, at the right time, delivered in the right way

We believe in empowering people living with dementia and others to be part of the change we are seeking to make

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