Adding a Real Story

Adding a Real Story

First you need to create the real story article.
From any page, press the + New button at the top and select page

A new page will be created, start by typing the name of the story in the Title box

Next we need to add content. The easiest option is to use a pre-built block and change to suit the content.

Press the new block button (+) at the top left of the page.

From the menu select Reuseable and choose the Real Story Layout

You will now see a prebuilt area with the layout required. We need to turn this into an editable block. Please click the Convert to regular block option on the left hand side, just above the new block you created.

Now enter your content in the design.

To add a picture, press the add block button (blue +) and select Image

Drag the image above the paragraph using the drag option on the menu

For the image to mix within the text, select the image and on the menu Change Alignment to position the image left, centre or right.

Last task is to link the new page to the Real Stories section.

Click on Page on the right-hand side.

Under Parent Page select Real Stories

Now you are ready to publish, press the publish page.

View the page and copy the URL of the page, ready for the next task.

Creating a Real Story front page link

We need to add a link on the home page of the Real Stories section. Visit:

Edit the page. Select an exist block and duplicate using the menu. Edit the duplicated block

Enter the title of the Story
Under button link copy the link to the story that you have created.
Now move the block to where you want this to be located
Publish the page and your link is now complete.