Advice for care and health professionals

Advice for care and health professionals

39% of people living with dementia over 65 are living in care homes* We have known for some time that carefully delivered live music provision can provide significant benefits for people both living and working in care settings. Music for Dementia would like to see all care homes in the UK offering the full menu of musical activities – from playlists to music therapy and everything in between – as an integral part of the care they provide

*Alzheimer’s Research

Some of the key benefits of having music in your care setting include:

  • Improving the quality of life for residents, including those living with dementia, including addressing many of the symptoms of dementia. In turn, seeing a reduction in symptoms and experiencing a better quality of life can reassure and help carers and family feel more positive.

  • Seeing people for who they are – engaging in a creative experience such as music helps carers and family to see the person for who they are beyond their diagnosis.

  • Staff motivation and morale – research has shown that staff involved with helping to make music happen feel more motivated and enjoy their work more.

  • Happier places for residents and staff – homes that incorporate music and offer musical provision regularly into their care are known for being places residents and staff want to be and enjoy being in.

  • Meeting CQC standards – an effective music programme can address each of the five questions CQC inspectors consider when carrying out their quality assessment. To find out more about how music can impact on a care home’s CQC assessment, please read Live Music Now’s report, Music and the Care Quality Commission.

Live Music Now’s resources will help you bring music into the lives of care home residents

Please explore their Toolkit for Care Homes which outlines:


What the benefits of music are for care homes and their residents


What a music session may look like


Practical first steps to get you started

Why not take a look at their Singing tutorials and tips for care staff ?

Music as Therapy International

Introductory training to staff caring for people living with dementia provided through projects delivered by music therapists in care settings.

They also have a comprehensive Dementia Activity Resource Book of interactive musical activities.

See the videos below for more information on music in care settings.

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