Intergenerational Music Making Hub

January 27, 2020
Intergenerational Music Making, IMM is one of the UK’s pioneer of intergenerational music projects. They have recently launched an Intergenerational Music Making Hub, which aims to bring together the community in unique music making workshops. A morning of musical expression, creativity, exploration and the community. IMM are working alongside partnerships to promote wellbeing, community cohesion and to bridge the gap between generations through activities designed and led by their professional, specialist artists from the performing, visual, media or literary arts.  

The Intergenerational music hubs not only tackle loneliness, social isolation within the community but they are developing partnership working from a number of agencies and groups in the community, to offer immediate and long opportunities for socialisation, volunteering, support, and engagement in an activity and access to an environment where friendships and connections can be made.

IMM are aware that we live in a society where age segregation is on the rise. Social connections are fundamental aspect of people’s lives, impacting on expressions of identity as well as individual health & wellbeing. It is timely to contribute to evidence around how innovation can improve social connections to the benet for all people in an ageing society. Studies suggest that intergenerational contact can decrease older people’s loneliness, delay mental decline, lower blood pressure & even reduce the risk of disease or death.

The hubs aim is to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the participants enabling them to explore, develop and grow through creativity and by contributing to community projects.

The hubs are all about socialising – creating care pathways from those living with dementia (whether that is from home to carehome or from hospital to community or vice versa)  the hub offers some sort of community rehabilitation – plus it can offer a space for those carers who maybe struggling with isolation and loneliness.

The hubs are:

  • Therapeutic – IMM believe everyone should have the chance to live life to the full. This intergenerational music project will give young and older people the opportunity to do so. Working together they create music they can feel proud of, gain an increased sense of belonging and feelings of wellbeing. The Intergenerational music therapy project will benefit both the health and education sectors within the community as the work: shares cultural and musical understanding, increases the access to music-making, encourages informal music-making at homes, promotes sustainability by including volunteering and/or staff development and lastly rasies self-confidence and self-esteem of participants.  The project aims to seek out opportunities to facilitate meaningful connections and experiences through the medium of music. Everyone has the ability to respond to music, and music therapy uses this connection to facilitate positive changes in emotional wellbeing and communication through the engagement in live music interaction between client and therapist. It can help develop and facilitate communication skills, improve self-confidence and independence, enhance self-awareness and awareness of others, improve concentration and attention skills.
  • Artistic – co- produce (service user led) some original music with participants with acclaimed songwriter with some of the group, recording in professional studio, presenting on stage accompanied by highly skilled musicians all facilitated and managed by IMM
  • Research and Awareness training – robust evaluation is taking place
  • Training – Opportunities for training artists in this way up – skilling within the arts sector
  • Life skills and citizenship, creating a cohesive community – compassion, working with older people

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