Tell the stories behind your favourite music

January 15, 2020

RunPip is a community for contributors to share personally curated playlists and the reasons behind their choices. You can discover music or find new love for an old favourite thanks to a personal commentary by the creator, or upload your own playlist and tell your stories.

One user commented “I first used RunPip to share a playlist of songs that reminded me of happy times I’d had throughout my life. The website allows you to write a few words to accompany to each track and I really enjoyed bringing to life each memory so that my friends, and anyone else reading, could get some of the same enjoyment I’d had from the songs.

The website makes it very easy to submit a playlist and the feedback I got from Jake, the owner of the site, and others on social media gave me the confidence to write more. I really enjoy reading the playlists others send in and it’s great to see the themes that the site is promoting, such as Pride and the Climate Crisis.”

Why not use this site to create a playlist for someone living with dementia?


  • Playlists must be short (5-20 songs)
  • Playlists must have accompanying notes on song choices

We hope you enjoy the RunPip concept and get involved!