Guidance on social distancing

April 22, 2020

The present need for social distancing can be particularly challenging when trying to maintain the emotional and physical wellbeing of people with care and support needs.

Our friends at The National Activities Providers Association (NAPA) are sharing their useful COVID-19 Good Practice Resource Guide for care homes, to help carers. The guide provides solutions to the question:

How do we isolate people from each other to keep them well, without making them lonely?

Download a copy of the guide

Helpful advice includes:

  • Encouraging family contact through technology
  • Identifying a member of staff to help maintain contact between residents and their loved ones
  • Developing individual engagement plan for each resident
  • Liaising with family members to purchase supplies each resident’s room e.g. magazines, trivia books, notebooks and pens, decks of cards, song sheets, headphones and music technology