Become a citizen (music) scientist

April 12, 2021

Global Brain Health Institute is looking for 1,000 participants for a study exploring how music can help people at risk of developing dementia.

You take part via the Neureka app on your smartphpone. Launching shortly, this app gives you the option to take part in two areas of research: dementia and depression.

Researchers from the Neureka Project at Trinity College Dublin would love you to contribute to the ‘Risk Factors’ challenge which looks at the science of early dementia diagnosis including how music can help. Daily challenges include questionnaires and games; the more challenges you complete, the more you can contribute to advancing science in this field.

There is a growing body of knowledge that up to 30% of cases of dementia could be prevented through what are called ‘modifiable risk factors’.  This research will help scientists understand why this is the case so they can figures out new was to fight dementia.

A family history of dementia isn’t required to be a part of this study, but your involvement could help identify how to detect the disease well before its onset. This could mean that, with early detection, we can slow if not completely deter the onset of dementia. It’s early days still, but we hope you’ll want to help.

Download the Neureka app free on the App Store and Google Play Store.