Paul & Nick Harvey Fund grantees announcement

May 13, 2021

After weeks of reading through and assessing applications to The Paul & Nick Harvey Fund, we are delighted to announce that 27 organisations have received grants of between £5,000 and £50,000.

The grants, distributed by The Utley Foundation, will enable the successful applicants to further their existing musical services with people living with dementia. The money is to be shared among 30 projects across the UK in local communities.

In just six weeks over 170 organisations applied to the fund which we launched in January this year. A diverse range of projects from dementia choirs to music therapy services are receiving much-needed support for their work.

For the list and descriptions of grantees, see our Paul & Nick Harvey Fund page.

To see whether there is a grantee providing musical services in your area, visit our Musical Map for Dementia.

Support all round

Not only will those living with dementia benefit, the ripple effect of the fund will also touch carers, family and friends who support them in the community, care home settings and at home. The fund is helping us to fulfil the wider campaign aim of making music accessible for everyone living with dementia, which is why we have directed all of the funding into services working across a range of settings.

The Paul & Nick Harvey Fund was made possible by a kind donation from The Hunter Foundation to Music for Dementia, after philanthropists Sir Tom and Lady Marion Hunter saw Paul Harvey and his son Nick’s TV appearance on BBC Breakfast. Paul, who lives with dementia, was shown playing his spontaneous improvisation from just four notes (later named Four Notes – Paul’s Tune).

Read the back story and the donation announcement.

Nick Harvey said: “Dad and I are just so thrilled that Four Notes – Paul’s Tune has led to this. It’s truly extraordinary and we want to thank everyone involved in the fund from Sir Tom and Lady Marion Hunter to Music for Dementia and The Utley Foundation, plus the musicians who will be making and sharing music with people with dementia as a result.”

Connections and joy

Grace Meadows, our Campaign Director, explains: “Musical services have been severely impacted in the last year, meaning many people living with dementia and their carers have lost those important connections and special moments that music, uniquely, provides.

“As Paul & Nick’s story so poignantly shows, music has the power to make beautiful moments of togetherness.

“It couldn’t be more timely to be distributing this fund just as we are beginning to see the green shoots of in-person services start to emerge. We can’t wait to see and hear the amazing stories of shared experiences that this fund creates.”

Lizzie Cody, Utley Foundation Manager, said: “By directing the fund money towards community-based, musical services for people living with dementia and those that provide them, we’re able to bring the joy of music into people’s lives wherever they are on their dementia journey. Seeing so many grassroots musical providers receive funds that enable them to continue their fantastic work in the community is amazing.”

We’ll be bringing you stories of the work this money is supporting over the coming months.

BBC Breakfast coverage, 13 May 2021

BBC Breakfast kindly broadcast the announcement and this is how they covered the story.