Seven days of action

May 17, 2021

For Dementia Action Week, Music for Dementia is joining the Alzheimer’s Society to take action to improve the lives of people affected by dementia. We’re supporting the call to ‘Cure the care system’ and we’re hoping you’ll be able to take our 7 Days of Action challenge.

Each day we’ll post the day’s action and relevant links on our social media accounts to remind you what we’d like you to do. We’ve also listed them out here, so please get prepared!

Day 1: Monday 17 May

Share Alzheimer’s Society’s Cure the care system film

The care system is broken. Nearly 1 million people with dementia in the UK and their families are struggling to get the support and dignity of care that they deserve.

Decades of underfunding and neglect have led to a system that’s difficult to access, costly, inadequate and deeply unfair. We know this has been particularly challenging during the last 14 months.

Help the Alzheimer’s Society call on the government to provide quality social care, that is free to access, no matter where you live. Watch and share the Alzheimer’s Society’s film ‘Cure the care system’ and sign the petition.

Day 2: Tuesday 18 May

Share a fact or two about music and dementia

Our infographic has lots of facts about how the power of music helps people living with dementia. We’d love you to share one or two today, for example:

  • Music therapy reduces agitation and need for medication in 67% of people with dementia
  • Through regular singing, depression levels can be reduced by 40% in care settings

Day 3: Wednesday 19 May

Plan to join in with Denim for Dementia

Watch the Denim for Dementia video from volunteer Faye Mitchell and persuade others to take part on 21 May, by wearing denim and making a small donation. Go on, swap those joggers for jeans!

Day 4: Thursday 20 May

Share your story of why music for dementia matters to you

We’ll be sharing a short video of quotes and photos from followers of how music has impacted/improved lives of those with dementia around them. Can you comment below our posts why music matters to you?

Day 5: Friday 21 May

Take part in Denim for Dementia

A contribution from everyone soon adds up and helps to make a difference. Make your donation on this page and post a photo on social tagging us!

Day 6: Saturday 22 May

Help make music a part of someone’s life today

Take a look at our Keep the music going page and choose a way to share music and enjoyment with someone that matters to you. Feel the difference it makes to mood.

Day 7: Sunday 23 May

Join us!

You can add your voice to our campaign by becoming a Music for Dementia supporter, a champion, or (if you work in health and social care) joining our Musical Care Taskforce.

We’ve lots of ideas on our Champions page as to how you can help, plus campaigning resources.


Thank you for taking action.