Light up my life study with Casio and MHA

September 21, 2021

This World Alzheimer’s Day, we’ve teamed up with Casio Music UK and care provider MHA to launch a new research initiative – Light up my life.

The exciting project aims to better understand how music can positively impact people living with dementia and involves MHA care homes nationwide using Casio keyboards to improve music participation.

Carers and music therapists will receive detailed training in using the light up keyboards and their special features, with suggested musical activities and easy-to-follow piano lessons. They will then use the keyboards to engage with residents in a variety of ways in individual and group music sessions. For many residents, this may be the first time they have interacted on a musical level or played a musical instrument.

Access to music

The 12-week study seeks to improve access to music participation and support with the goal of enhancing quality of life. Ultimately, the insights gained are intended to shape the development of future musical activities for those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is hoped this will help to tailor a unique musical offering with supporting resources to improve access to music participation and care.

Casio is providing 50 easy-to-use lighting key LK-S250 keyboards for the study. Ideal for beginners, the keyboards have a fun, light-up key feature which provides heightened stimulation, resulting in the pleasure and satisfaction of anyone being able to play music independently.

A step in the right direction

Grace Meadows, Campaign Director at Music for Dementia, said: “The launch of ‘Light up my life’ is hugely exciting for us. We’re confident that the participants of the project will truly benefit and enjoy playing their new light up key keyboards. World Alzheimer’s Day marks an important date for those living with dementia and we’re proud that we can say this is a step in the right direction for providing access to meaningful music to those who need it most.”

Neil Evans, Head of Casio EMI, commented: “We are delighted to partner with Music for Dementia and MHA, two highly respected entities on the launch of this important and meaningful research project. We have seen an impressive uptake of music across the older generation in recent times, highlighting just how much of a crucial role music plays in everyday life. We’re excited to see how care homes and music therapists will use their new light up keyboards to engage with residents in both group and individual settings to help light up their lives.”

Ming Hung Hsu, Music Therapy Lead, MHA, added: “We’re thrilled to kick off such a fun and engaging initiative across MHA care homes. It will provide access to the tools needed for our fantastic music therapists to continue providing non-verbal means for those with dementia to help express themselves. We know just how important music is for people with dementia and we’re eager to see the research findings in early 2022.”

If you believe in the power of music for people with dementia and would like to add your name to our list of signatories, please visit our Power of Music page to sign up.

To keep up to date with this project you can register your details on the Casio website. We’ll also be bringing you news of the findings in early 2022.