Using the power of music to support care workers

March 3, 2022
photo of a careworker serving a meal to a man sitting in a chair

Against a backdrop of workforce challenges, funding pressures and concerns about staff wellbeing, with stress and burnout being at its highest reported among health and social care workers from the pandemic, the care workforce needs supporting to manage these pressures.

Grace Meadows, Campaign Director at Music for Dementia said:

“For several decades now, music has been used in dementia care to support and enhance
quality of life. The evidence base for its effectiveness and impact has been growing, but it
remains for many something that is considered a nicety and not a necessity to support those
living with dementia and caregivers. As we recover and rehabilitate from the pandemic, now
more than ever we need to use the power of music to support the social care workforce in
the essential work they do in caring for people living with dementia in care settings. Music
has many therapeutic benefits that can help the care workforce improve their own health
and wellbeing to cope with many of the pressures experienced by care workers like stress,
burnout and anxiety.”

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