Paul and Nick Harvey Fund – Application Guidelines - Music for Dementia

Paul and Nick Harvey Fund

In November 2020 we heard the news that The Hunter Foundation were giving Paul & Nick Harvey £1m to ‘help put a light into trying to release people from dementia’. Father and son immediately agreed that £500,000 of this would go to Music for Dementia.
(Read more about the story behind this generous donation).

We chose to redirect this funding back to the sector, by supporting organisations working musically with people living with dementia around the UK.

PLEASE NOTE. The Fund is now closed to new applications. Thank you to all the organisations who have applied, we are very much looking forward to reading about your work. If you are an applicant, please see below for the fund timelines and procedure. If you are an interested observer of the fund, please keep an eye on this page and our social media channels Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Application Guidelines

Download a PDF of the application guidelines..

  • We are looking to use this fund to support the delivery of music with people living with dementia in the communities throughout the UK (we include the role of carers in any reference to people living with dementia from here on)
  • We would particularly welcome applications from organisations working in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • £500,000 available – to be issued as individual grants to organisations across the UK
  • Grants will be issued at the discretion of The Utley Foundation and The Hunter Foundation (as a joint committee)
  • Expressions of interest will be accepted between 11 Jan 2021 and 26 Feb 2021. Once the fund closes, all applications will be considered together, and shortlisted organisations will be contacted for a follow up discussion to assess the work and funding opportunities
  • After the 26 Feb, we will begin to shortlist the applications received. Organisations should be available for follow up phone calls from the week commencing 22 March 2021. Should we require any further information, we will ask organisations to provide this detail during this follow up period
  • Organisations can apply for grants between £5000 and £50,000. We will ask organisations to define their grant amount in the Expression of Interest
  • Applications are accepted from registered charities and CICs. If you are an unregistered organisation, working to deliver music to people living with dementia, and you think you could benefit from this fund, please contact us separately on:
  • This is a specific and discrete fund, and once the funding is spent the fund will finish. It is our intention to make grants as efficiently as possible as we want money to reach communities quickly, however, if we feel it is necessary, we may open additional funding rounds

Who we will fund

  • Registered charities and CICs
  • Applications will be accepted from organisations with an annual income of £5 million, or less
  • Your organisation should already include music as part of your existing delivery for people living with dementia
  • Your organisation should be delivering music for people living with dementia in your local community, including black, Asian and ethnically diverse communities, and your work should take place during 2021
  • We are particularly interested in hearing from organisations who have developed innovative approaches to delivering music to people living with dementia during COVID-19 and those working with black, Asian and ethnically diverse communities
  • There is a wide and varied menu of musical choice for people living with dementia and we would welcome applications from providers of all different types of musical offers and services
  • Your organisation does not need to deliver music ONLY to people living with dementia, but they should be a key, existing, beneficiary group of your work
  • We are looking to fund organisations who are aiming to either: sustain their existing musical work or extend the reach of their work and reach more people in their community
  • We will accept applications from organisations who are currently, or have previously been, grantees of The Utley Foundation. In the instance that an organisation is a current grantee of The Utley Foundation, the Paul and Nick Harvey Fund grant would need to support existing musical delivery for people living with dementia, and not the project you are already receiving Utley Foundation funding towards

What we will not fund

  • Un-registered organisations. If you are an individual working in this area and would like to talk about your work, please email us separately on:
  • Organisations with an income over £5 million per year
  • Organisations who are not already using music for people living with dementia as part of their existing delivery
  • Organisations looking for funding to support work that will not take place in 2021
  • Applications for grants to support research or conferences

As part of our influencing work, we want to understand from the sector how valuable music is and the impact it can have on people living with dementia, and their carers. Case studies will be collected and collated as part of our work to show the value of music to government, the public and other sectors. We will try to keep this as light touch and straight forward for grantees, but it is important for anyone applying to this fund to understand that they will be asked to contribute towards this essential evidence gathering process.

We will therefore ask grantees of this fund to:

  • clearly identify their intended outcomes in their initial application (more information is provided in the expression of interest form)
  • clearly communicate progress against these outcomes at key touchpoints throughout the funding (we will supply templates and frameworks for this reporting)
  • be comfortable staying in touch with our team and communicating with us about your work
  • communicate qualitative impact through case studies and real-life examples of the impact of music for people living with dementia (we will provide templates and frameworks for this reporting)

Funding timeline for applicants

9am 11th January 2021 – 5pm
26th February 2021

Fund opens, and Expression of Interest accepted

26th February 2021 – 26th March 2021

Applications will be shortlisted. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we are not able to answer emails about individual applications during this period. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

31st March – 2nd April 2021

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted to arrange a follow up phone call and request additional information
(if relevant – we anticipate this request may apply to higher request grants)

5th April – 19th April 2021

Shortlisted applicants have a 1-1 meeting (phone call) with The Utley Foundation team

26th April – 30th April 2021

Successful organisations are contacted to confirm grant funding (grant cycle will begin from this date)