Adding a new page

Adding a new page

To create a new page, press the + New button on the top bar of the website and select Page.

A new page template will be created.

For a standard page layout please follow the steps below.

First you need to give the page it’s title. In the are Add title please enter your page name.

Now you are ready to add content.

Each page starts with the Image Text Section block.

Press the + button on the top menu system and select Patterns from the menu.

Select the Image Text Section block.

Image text section (Image + Content)

The Image + content block will appear on the main canvas.

Title – Will appear as the large title within the content.

Content – Content that will appear in the box.

Image – Click remove and replace with the image you wish to display in the side box. Ideal image is: 1000 pixels wide x 600 pixels high

Image Focus – If the image is cutting off the subject, use this option to select where your image is focused and the system will scale in relation to your option.

Button text – If you wish for a button at the bottom of the content, please enter the button text here and complete the next option.

Button link – If you have entered content in the previous option, please enter the website address you want the user to visit. If the link is an external source, please select open in a new tab.

On the right hand side.

Layout – This will choose the side the image and text will appear.

Alignment – This is the alignment setting of the text within the blue box.

Show Icon – This hides and shows the M4D logo above the title in the blue box.

Background colour – If you wish to change the default blue colour, please use this option and select another colour from the list.

Padding options – If the content is short within the blue box, your image may be cropped. Add padding to increase the size of the blue space, this will give you larger space in order to display images correctly.

Once all options are complete, click on the white space underneath the block and it will build with your options.

Image Box

To create the image box layout, normally used related articles. Select the Three image boxes option.

A blank block will appear ready for content.

Click on the first block and this will change to edit mode.

Enter the following:

Title – Name that appears at the top of the white space.

Content – Smaller text that appears underneath the title.

Image – Click remove and replace with an image of your choice from the media area.

Button title – Text that will appear on the button

Buttle Link – please enter the website link This will make the button (and picture) to link through to this page/website.

If the link is an external source, please select Open in a new tab?

Do this for each block until complete. When ready click in white space for the block to complete.

Coloured boxes

To add colour boxes to the page, select the option Padded, Equal Height Columns from the Patterns area.

To change the number of boxes, select the blocks outer section and the right side will change.

You can now change the number of Columns from the list.

To change colours within the box, select each box and from the side menu expand Color settings.

Here you get to choose a preset colour or a custom colour using the link.

First option will change text colour.

Second will change background colour.

If you wish to duplicate a row of boxes, select the outer edge of the block and press the menu button (three dots).

Select Duplicate from the list.

You can find other options in this menu such as removing the block altogether.

Heading and text area

For text only content please select the Plain content section block.

The block will go into standard text editing mode when you click on any content.

Please edit as you would normally do on a page.

Bottom Buttons

At the bottom we have included an option for two buttons. For most pages you will not require the pink button and this will need to be removed.

Click on the pink button and select the menu option.

Select Remove block from the menu.

Editing the primary button

To edit the primary button, please click on the text and change to your content.

Left click and drag to highlight all the text and press the Link button to create a link to your chosen address.

When complete click on an area of white space for the page to finalise.