Images sizes

Images size

WordPress will resize images for you but its always ideal to edit them to a set size and optimise to keep your website moving faster.

Mega Menu

218 pixels wide x 145 pixels high

Image + Content box

(Split area with blue box one side and image on the other)
1000 pixels wide x 600 pixels high

Focus of the image should be in the middle but we have included options to change the focus of the image within the block.

Related articles and Image boxes

We are reusing the Image + Content box image on the linked page, which should be the first image.
The image + Content image should be optimised at around 100kb-200kb.


Logos should be on a white background and centred.
The image size is 360 pixels wide x 270 pixels high.

Team Members

325 pixels wide x 325 pixel high


325 pixels wide x 325 pixel high