Navigation menu

Navigation menu

To add/edit the main navigation menu and mega menu. Select Appearance from the Dashboard and select Menus.

The main menus for the website are:

Header – Main navigation with mega menu.

Mobile Menu – The menu that appears for mobile users. If you update the header menu, this menu must be updated also.

Quick Links – The links on the bottom bar of the website.

Mega Menu

To edit the mega menu, select the Header option from the menu to edit.

Under Menu structure you will see all the top headers for the main navigation menu.

Next to each title there will be a blue box called Mega Menu. Select this box.

The mega menu system will appear. Each option is made up of an image and a text box, displaying the page heading, informaiton text and an addtional link.

To edit a link of a page you need to first click on the spanner next to image

To replace the picture, hit replace image and upload a new image from the media area.

To edit the link on the image, please update the Link to with your new address.

Please press save in the bottom right to save the changes

To edit the title, text and addtional link select the spanner next to the Text box.

Change the title, select the text and press the link button to create a link.
All titles are also set to bold and you may have to activate this with new text.

Update the brief summary below with your new text.

To change the link for fine out more, click on the text and select the link option, change the option and press the save button to finish editing.

The last block on the menu is the additional menu. This is HTML code and must be written this way to work. A standard menu option will look something like this:

<li><a href=””>Do one thing today</a></li>

Please enter the website address of the page within “” after href=

Type the text that will display on the link after the > of the address and before </a>

Example: <li><a href=”enter full website address here“>enter the link text here</a></li>

Press save when finished.